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The Sponge Roller Table is a tried and true machine for eliminating excess moisture from your produce. Latex/sponge donuts are mounted on a shaft or in some projects rollers. The donuts are glued to the shaft/roller and finished in a lathe to ensure the finished diameter is exact. Combinations of brush or rubber titted rollers are used at the intake or discharge end of the machine to assist in the drying process with the sponge rollers.

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36in - 72in, with any length
Brush, latex donuts, and or pintle rollers are available in any number or sequence
Robust framework
Adjustable squeeze rack with wiper system
Chain drive
Premium motors and gear reducers
Water drip pan with discharge outlet
Mild steel or stainless steel construction
OSHA approved drive guards

Custom sizes
Variable Frequency Drives
All stainless steel construction