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The Tristeel felt dryer provides excellent drying characteristics with minimal service required. Felt rollers are less likely to be damaged and replacement time is greatly reduced vs. sponge donuts. Water absorbent felt sheets are wrapped around stainless steel rollers for a complete drying roller. A lower rack of stainless steel squeeze rollers tensioned by springs and manually adjusting the height of the squeeze rack put constant pressure to the drying rollers. A plastic wiper is also employed to wipe excess water off of the squeeze rollers. The machine is designed and built with a heavy framework, premium motors and gear reducers, hardened sprockets, and roller chain drive.

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Spring Tensioned squeeze rack and wiper system exceeds previous systems with adjustable and consistent tension to the drying rollers.
Felt is not impacted by sprout nip application, chlorine, etc.
Water collection pan with discharge outlet
Non proprietary, non-metric components
Positive, high torque drive system providing for maximum water elimination. Two single sprockets per roller shaft driving adjacent roller for positive drive engagement.

Custom sizes
Variable Frequency Drives
All Stainless Steel Construction
Combination of Solid Rubber Transition Rollers and Brush Rollers
Belt Drive

WE3610 36" X 10' 300CWT/HR 15TN/HR
WE4810 48" X 10' 500CWT/HR 25TN/HR
WE6015 60" X 15' 90000CWT/HR 45TN/HR
WE7215 72" X 15' 1300CWT/HR 65TN/HR