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The Tristeel Barrel Washer can be used for general purpose cleaning or as a pre-cleaning machine before a Polisher or other main washing table. Control of the water level in the tank impacts how aggressive the cleaning you choose to have. A lower water level in the tank and barrel increases scrubbing aggresiveness while a increased water level lessens the brushing/scrubbing. The elevating conveyor is placed in tank(far end of picture) for gentle handling of product discharged from barrel. In addition the Barrel Washer is a relatively low maintenance machine and utilizes no proprietary components.

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Machine Size: 16ftL x 5ft6"W x 8ftH
Rotary Barrel Size: 48ft Diameter x 12L
4 belt drive with VFD, barrel drum motor & amp; speed reducer
Water recirculating pump with spray tube & amp; adjustable nozzles in barrel
Gate valve at bottom of barrel tank for easy cleanout
Barrel tilt accomplished by hydraulic power unit (hand pump optional)
Tank water level manually adjustable

Brush segments mounted to steel slats in washer.
Hydrosieve for early stage water cleaning