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Gentle way of dumping bins or boxes, standard cradle accommodates a 4’ wide bin.  The central located single axis tipper that empties field bins of various sizes with a  150 degree maximum dump angle into hoppers or conveyors.  This machine can be provided with a manual dump system or completely automatic controls.  The cradle is height adjustable.  Product is dumped into hopper or discharge conveyor.   If dry hopper you may want to consider a automatic discharge gate.  Offered is a mounted hydraulic power unit, with manual or electric valves, sight gauge, and oil filter.  JAX food grade lubricants are utilized in hydraulic power unit, cylinder and bearings.           Machine can be constructed of stainless steel or mild steel.  Machine components are imperial and non-proprietary.

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Single axis tipper with 4' standard cradle up to 7' wide cradle option

Fully automatic tipping program and returns to start angle.

Remote control

Stainless steel or mild steel

Remote Control

Adjustable hydraulic discharge gate for gentle handling into dry bin or conveyor

Custom dump heights for your process line

Automatic box empty program and panel for gentle even discharge into dry bin or conveyor.

PBD48     Single Box Tipper

PBD96     Wide Box Tipper or Dual Box Tipper for simultaneous dumping