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The Tristeel designed and built Flume/Water Pump is is a very robust, hight volume, low pressure pump for removal of water, debris, mud, sand, etc. from your flume, wash tank, pit, construction site, etc. Standard impeller, housing, and discharge size is 4", 6" or 8". You can pump up to 1300 gpm with the largest 8” pump. Designed with heavy channel iron frame and belt drive.

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4,6" or 8" Impeller, Pump Housing, and Discharge
Channel Iron Frame
1 11/16" Drive Shaft for 6" pump
Motor and Motor Mount with Belt Drive
Centralized Grease Bank
Stainless steel bearing sleeves between drive shaft and bearing for quick bearing removal.

VFD for Speed Control
Flanged Output Pipe
Stainless Steel Impeller
AR 400 Plate Abrasion Resistant Steel for pump components impeller, impeller intake housing, and discharge.
Gate Valves
Variable Frequency Drives(VFD)

Marine bearings for submerged pump shaft. Can be provided with water delivery system including water manifold and solenoid valves.

FP-4 7.5HP 600GPM
FP-6 10HP 1000GPM
FP-8 20HP 1300GPM
Gorman Rupp Pumps
Standard Tristeel Pump volume depends on variables such as head pressure and downstream plumbing.