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The Tristeel Shaker Sizer combines superior sizing accuracy and gentle handling providing one of the best sizing machines in the industry at a economical entry point. Tristeel offers three different models for tailoring volume throughput and number of discharges. The control system is PLC based with a digital touchscreen for all functions including the shaker drive, wiper drive, safety switches, and speed control. The main shaker drive is a 7.5 horsepower, single cam, variable speed drive. The wiper drive has electric control for lateral speed, up/down frequency, and up/down stroke length. The machine can also be outfit with one axle for sizing of seed out of storage.

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Excellent sizing accuracy without sacrificing volume or handling
PLC based control system
Heavy rectangular tube frame
Premium drive components
JAX Food Grade Lubricants
Non proprietary, non metric components
Model 14300 3 level, 30,000lbs. per hour
Model 14340 3-5 level, 50,000lbs. per hour
Model 14590 5 level, 90,000lbs. per hour

Feeding conveyor
Discharge conveyors
Round and square gap rubber screens