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24" to 60" wide Tristeel grading inspection tables combine well designed/well built machines for years of long service. Poly plastic or aluminum rollers available in standard or custom lengths and widths are available for your requirements.  Tubular frame and sheet metal construction, white or blue poly rollers rotate and travel for good visibility of your inspected produce.  Typical machine utilizes a shaft mounted gear reducer with a variable frequency drive for speed control and soft starts.   Mild steel machines are sandblasted and painted with a high quality paint.  Stainless steel is available.

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Premium Drives
Heavy Frame with Adjustable Legs
Variable Frequency Drive for roller travel speed
Undermounted Take-Away Conveyors

Throw-Off Chutes Directing Product to Underneath Conveyors
Adjustable Middle Cull Lane

Smaller Diameter Rollers with Approximate 1/8" Gap Between Rollers.

Worker Platforms for Grading Table
Stainless Steel Construction
JAX Food Grade Lubricants

GT2405 24" X 5' 1HP motor, shaft mount gear reducer

GT2410 24" X 10' 1HP motor, shaft mount gear reducer

GT3608 36" x 8' 1HP motor, shaft mount gear reducer

GT4210 42" X 10' 2HP motor, shaft mount gear reducer

GT4215 42" X 15' 3HP motor, shaft mount gear reducer

GT6010 60" x 10' 3HP motor, shaft mount gear reducer

GT6015 60" x 15' 3HP motor, shaft mount gear reducer