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The Tristeel loading dock/ramp is a cost effective and portable ramp for loading and unloading your materials from ground to dock or truck height. This all-weather ramp is constructed of heavy channel iron, and serrated bar grating. The ramp has a axle with used aircraft tires for towing down the road and dolly jacks with a foot pedestal for removing the weight from the axle, raising or lowering the dock level, and adding stability.

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Portable Ramp Using Aircraft Tires
Serrated Bar Grating Incline Deck
Hinged Transition/Dock Plate
Dock Bumpers
Smaller Ramp Includes 6' Top Section
Heavy Channel Iron Frame Construction
Adjustable Deck Height With Dolly Jacks
Safety Feature - 4" high sides
Safety Chain Included to Secure Ramp To Trailer. Removable hitch for ramp portability
Painted safety yellow

Removable Tow Bar

R0636: 16,000lb. Capacity, 6' Clear Wide Inside, 30' Incline, 6' Flat Section
R1025: 50,000lb. Capacity, 10' Clear Wide Inside, 25' Incline