Potato Washline Equipment

    The Tristeel Automatic Twin Tote/Bin Filler is designed to save time and labor while filling your bulk bag or bin. Place the bag on the bag holding bars, turn the machine on, and it will fill both with no supervision. The hydraulic gooseneck boom will lower into the bottom of the bag and raise as the bag is being filled to minimize product drop. The computer fills until a predetermined weighment or product height in bag is reached which is accomplished by communication with a digital floor scale or limit switches on machine. After the first bag is filled, the machine transitions over to the second filling station, lowers boom and begins the program sequence again. This can be repeated by simply pushing a button on the control box which tells the machine their is a empty bag/bin in place. This machine can also be run in manual mode.
    The Tristeel Barrel Washer can be used for general purpose cleaning or as a pre-cleaning machine before a Polisher or other main washing table. Control of the water level in the tank impacts how aggressive the cleaning you choose to have. A lower water level in the tank and barrel increases scrubbing aggresiveness while a increased water level lessens the brushing/scrubbing. The elevating conveyor is placed in tank(far end of picture) for gentle handling of product discharged from barrel. In addition the Barrel Washer is a relatively low maintenance machine and utilizes no proprietary components.
    Capacities range from 200CWT to 1,000CWT. Product fed by potato ladder, sloped intake wall and tilt conveyor. Optional automatic boom for improved handling.
    The Tristeel felt dryer provides excellent drying characteristics with minimal service required. Felt rollers are less likely to be damaged and replacement time is greatly reduced vs. sponge donuts. Water absorbent felt sheets are wrapped around stainless steel rollers for a complete drying roller. A lower rack of stainless steel squeeze rollers tensioned by springs and manually adjusting the height of the squeeze rack put constant pressure to the drying rollers. A plastic wiper is also employed to wipe excess water off of the squeeze rollers. The machine is designed and built with a heavy framework, premium motors and gear reducers, hardened sprockets, and roller chain drive.
    The Tristeel Flat Bed Washer and Combination Washer Dryer is a simple and economical system for gentle brush washing alone or a integral drying system with latex sponge donuts or felt drying rollers.
    The Tristeel designed and built Flume Pump is for removal of water, debris, mud, sand, etc. from your flume, wash tank, pit, construction site, etc. Standard impeller, housing, and discharge size is 4", 6" or 8". You can pump up to 1300 gpm with the largest 8” pump. Designed with heavy channel iron frame and belt drive.
    Poly plastic or aluminum rollers available in custom lengths and widths for your requirements. Tristeel combines a well designed and built grading table that will provide years of good service.
    The Tristeel Hybrid Washer is a very versatile machine that will improve appearance quality by adjusting based on potato varieties, field conditions and product volume. The Hybrid Washer can be run like a flat washing table or has the capability to trough or cup the brushes via hydraulics. The cupping effect creates tumbling and action much the same as a potato polisher less the polisher price. The machine also has a tilt for discharging the potatoes quicker and Variable Frequency Drives controlling brush speed for more aggressive brushing if necessary.
    Simple well built dumper for gentle receiving or repacking produce. Plenty of cradle adjustment to accomodate large range of box sizes.
    Tristeel has recently introduced a new high end Vegetable Polishing machine called a “.5 Polisher” that brings several positive changes. The machine utilizes many of the same features a full Rotary Polisher widely used in the potato industry, but brings a new simplicity and cost advantage by using fewer brush rollers, bearings, smaller drives, and a overall smaller price tag by swinging the half-moon shaped barrel like the pendulum on a clock. The back and forth swinging motion continues the tumbling and agitation found in a full Rotary Polisher that has been so successful. The segmented polisher style tufted brushes are used with variable speed control for brush roller rotation and barrel swing. Finally a on-board hydraulic system allows for machine tilt and optional discharge gate, controlling product time in machine and product volume. This machine is relatively simple in its design but delivers top performance that a Polisher provides.
    The Tristeel receiving and destoning tanks and flumes achieve multipurpose benefits including gentle product receiving direct from the field, destoning, soaking, dirt removal, and evenflow capability. Different footprint sizes allow for different throughput and evenflow volumes. Tank or flume capacities are designed up to 60 tons per hour. A closed loop water management system with auto valves, water float switches and possibly a hydrosieve provide a self cleaning system.
    The master pak unit consists of an elevator and rotary table. The unit is designed to facilitate the handling of filled bags of produce and particularly bags of potatoes, onions, and citrus from any packaging line. Comes complete with electric motors and speed reducers.
    The Tristeel Sewing and Infeed System with mounted conveyor for portability is a fast, efficient, and economical way to sew sacks for the potato industry. Capable of sewing multi-wall paper, burlap, and woven mesh 5 - 100lb. open mouth bags. Tri-Steel has manufactured many of these systems over the years and have enjoyed excellent performance. Complete with air system and VFD's for easy synchronization between power belt infeed, conveyor, and sewing head.
    The Tristeel Shaker Sizer combines superior sizing accuracy and gentle handling providing one of the best sizing machines in the industry at a economical entry point. Tristeel offers three different models for tailoring volume throughput and number of discharges. The control system is PLC based with a digital touchscreen for all functions including the shaker drive, wiper drive, safety switches, and speed control. The main shaker drive is a 7.5 horsepower, single cam, variable speed drive. The wiper drive has electric control for lateral speed, up/down frequency, and up/down stroke length. The machine can also be outfit with one axle for sizing of seed out of storage.
    The Sponge Roller Table is a tried and true machine for eliminating excess moisture from your produce. Latex/sponge donuts are mounted on a shaft or in some projects rollers. The donuts are glued to the shaft/roller and finished in a lathe to ensure the finished diameter is exact. Combinations of brush or rubber titted rollers are used at the intake or discharge end of the machine to assist in the drying process with the sponge rollers.
    For decades the Tristeel Tote Bag Filling Machine has been an economical and gentle way of filling tote bags or bins. Can be run in automatic or manual mode. Includes adjustable bag holder arms. The boom is raised automatically as bag is being filled.
    The Tristeel Rotary Polisher achieves cleaning and polishing of potatoes providing a quality appearance adding excellent value to your product. The polisher is effective at improving the appearance of potatoes in storage or product fresh from the field by removing tough dirt stains, dirt in potato imperfections, eyes, indents, etc. The surface membrane is also removed providing a deep, attractive appearance.
    Tristeel has been responsible for the design, layout, and manufacturing of washlines for over 50 years. From flume, washing systems, grading and sorting tables to the final stage of packaging, Tristeel has the organizational capabilities to meet your specific needs. To inquire more about your washline needs, email us today at design@tristeelmfg.com or sales@tristeelmfg.com.
    The screen sizer offers a economical means to size roundish potatoes or onions. A wire mesh belt or rubber web screen is driven in a circular fashion. Smaller produce falls through the holes and onto the cross conveyor. Depending on the size of the machine a number of driven shaker rollers provide lift and agitation to the screen/belt for re-sizing for increased accuracy. The idler rollers can be easily adjusted to loosen screen tension for easier screen changing.